Rules & Guidelines

Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to the processing of personal data that takes place within the framework of MobileRat, that is when you use the MobileRat service on and in related digital applications ("the Services"). The service is delivered via MobileRat


Personal data is information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a living natural person. Examples of personal data are name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Under certain circumstances, information about IP addresses and your user behavior when using the Services may also be personal data.

Processing of personal data includes all use of personal data, such as collection, exchange, and storage.

Responsible for the processing of personal data means the party that, alone or together with another party, decides on the purposes and means for processing the personal data and who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that personal data legislation.

Personal information that we collect

To give you an overview of how the processing of data is performed, we have divided the personal data into three categories based on how they are collected:

  1. a) Personal information that you provide to us

When you use the Services, you may provide us with personal information, for example by filling in web forms, creating a user account, sending messages to our support or by giving us feedback via our contact forms. Personal data in this category may be the address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other information, depending on what you want to provide us.

  1. b) Personal information that we collect when you use the Services

When you use the Services, we collect information about your use, such as which parts of the Services you use, what products you view and how you interact with the Web sites that offer the Services. This information can be divided into the following categories:

Why we process personal data

To ensure that you as a user understand why we process personal data, we have chosen to classify our processing based on the purpose. We process personal data for a number of reasons, namely:

  1. i) to meet our contractual obligations,
  2. ii) to meet legal requirements,

iii) to provide the Services, including customer support,

  1. iv) to analyze traffic on and to the Services,
  2. v) to be able to offer relevant advertisements outside of the Services,

iii) To deliver the Services, including customer support

We process personal data in order to provide a functional and user-friendly service, among other things by adapting the Services to your technical user situation in the choices you make on the Services. The processing of personal data for this purpose also includes the processing that we perform to resolve support issues and respond to or feedback from our users.

The processing of personal data for this purpose is based on our legitimate interest in providing basic functionality and service with regard to the Services.

  1. iv) To analyze the traffic on and to the Services

We want to be able to create possible conditions to improve the Services. That is why we collect information about traffic on or Services and on or website and apps that provide the Services. Such information helps our users to understand, to understand market trends, to identify potential for improvement in the services and much more. Ultimately, this leads to a better MobileRat experience.

  1. v) To be able to offer relevant advertisements outside of the Services,

We want to reach our users with relevant ads and other types of marketing even when you are on other websites and in other apps. In order to know what's relevant to you, we need to process personal data. This includes information about what you have shown interest in when you have used the Services, your geographical location, and your demographic profile. By sharing such information with marketing networks and marketing platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Appnexus, we can create probability-based customization of our ads and measure their impact by marketing analysis.

Facebook and Google are personal data controllers for their respective processing for this purpose. With regard to Appnexus, their liability for personal data varies depending on how and by whom the personal data is collected. Contact us if you want to know more about their respective relatives